The Artist Explains: Tom Walker - 'Angels'

Directed by Jeremy Schaulin Rioux, Tom Walker spoke to us about his epic music video for ‘Angels’, his biggest, most conceptual video to date, which combines intimate home video footage with a gripping cinematic storyline.
Produced by Mike Spencer (Years and Years) ‘Angels’ is the follow up to Walker’s heartfelt summer hit, ‘Leave A Light On’. ‘Angels’ is a huge, soulful pop tune packed with the familiar grit, passion, honesty and emotion that has captivated his fans so far, seeing Tom Walker fully deserving of his title as the biggest breakout UK Global star of 2018.

Where was the video for ‘Angels’ filmed?
We filmed it in Toronto on a day off from gigging whilst I was out on tour across the US and Canada, I had to catch and extremely early flight to make it onto the set on time. It was shot in a weird building in some sort of old car scrap yard. We walked through the door and saw this old plane inside where we shot, it was crazy!

How does the video connect with the song? 
The video is supposed to highlight the ‘Angels’ in your life and how they come in many different forms but mostly as everyday people and the ones closest to you. The video highlights a slightly different path to what the song takes but it’s all connected to the meaning of Angels. 

Any behind the scenes stories?
Not really, it was all a bit normal to be honest, I had a beer or two on set but that was as rock n roll as it got. The only story there is to tell, is that anyone who knows me knows how easily I get super hot and the air con had broke that day, so we were struggling through 30+ degree heat all day, which definitely wasn’t ideal.

Could you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?

Some of the footage in the film is actually home footage of me and my family, my mum and dad put together and sent to the director to be included as well a some recent gig footage. It’s a mix of light and dark which is what the song is about, it’s about the everyday hero’s that never get a mention in society whilst reflecting on my journey too.

Is there a message the video is trying to convey?
Angels are everyday people who come in and out of everyones lives in various forms, so just to try to appreciate the people closest to you whilst you can.

Interview feature by Karla Harris

’Angels’ is taken from Tom Walkers highly anticipated debut album, ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ which is available for pre-order, here.