Album Review: Estrons - 'You Say I'm Too Much, I Say You're Not Enough'


Fiery and burning with passion, the debut record from Estrons definitely makes a statement.

The debut album from Estrons marks the culmination of two years of writing and touring to eventually craft and hone a sound that would become distinct to them. Words such as passionate and tense have become synonymous with the band, and ‘You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough’ acts to strengthen that statement, as the band take you across a rollercoaster of emotions across the ten tracks that form up the album. 

Beginning with ‘Lilac’, it’s a beast of an opening track as it sears through with cutting guitars and rumbling basses. Characterised by a restless energy, the track charges forward as ‘give me’s repeat in rapid succession and vivid lyricism tells an enthralling narrative. Although the beginning of ‘Killing Your Love’ starts a bit softer with exposed guitars, it’s a gradual build-up of tension as vocalist Tali Källström brings her fiery vocals to the texture. The chorus explodes in a whirlwind of thunderous bass and dynamic percussion, whilst Tali’s vocals reach peak passion as she instructs you to ‘kill your love and stop pretending’, and the chromatic fluctuations bring an extra edge of suspense.

Continuing with ‘Make A Man’, this is one of the band’s first ever breakout tracks, and as you listen to it, you’ll understand why it was so. Dripping with attitude, it’s one of the most unapologetic tracks on the album with lyrics such as ‘I’d like to make a man of you, I’d like to fuck you and fuck you, I’d like to make a man of you’. However, there’s something irresistible about this unabashed, unfiltered feeling that will prompt you to scream along to the pounding drums and squalling guitars. Placing one of the most raucous tracks on the album next to one of the most emotional ones, ‘Strangers’ will pierce you with it’s vulnerability and sadness. The trademark Estrons passion can still be found, but this time it’s in the form of exposed emotions as opposed to outbursts of energy. Tali’s melancholic vocals deliver pleading lyrics such as ‘I’ve been trying to change myself again. Won’t you please just take me as I am?’. An impassioned guitar solo dominates the bridge, and with every note, you can feel the electricity flowing through you and passing every feeling into you.

The liberating ‘Body’ will fill you with an unstoppable confidence as a bass heavy accompaniment carries along empowering lyrics delivered by hot-blooded vocals. Distorted guitars and pounding drums bring an atmospheric opening for ‘Jade’, one of my personal standouts. It goes against the normal upbeat tempo, yet it’s punchy riffs will still leave you out of breath. Tali’s vocals are placed at the centre of attention against the sparse accompaniment, and it’s a true display of her vocal prowesses as she goes from sultry low vocals to soaring high notes, adding in just the right amount of grit to bring in a roughness to the track and send chills down your spine. ‘Cameras’ brings a jagged guitar line that is offset against a loving message delivered by Tali for her son, as she promises ‘I will live a life for you. I’ll always win a fight for you.’

Softer again, ‘Jesus…’ ebbs and flows with suspense, as sustaining guitars thrum on with conviction in the chorus, and leaves you with three crushing beats. ‘Aliens’ is a slow-burner with it’s relaxed tempo, and as the bass drum kicks in the bridge with a shift in tempo, the guitars will float around you to create an ethereal soundscape, before cymbals crash in and provide the grounding for a hammering section. Finishing with ‘Drop’, it’s an energy-fuelled closing track as battering snare gives way to a frenetic riffs that will leave you charged. The album will doubtless provide the ground for Estrons to go on and achieve even greater things - after all, if their debut is so unpredictably exciting, then what’s next is sure to be even better.

Words by Athen Kam

This collection of tracks are sure to sound immense live, so go catch the band at the following dates.

07 Nov: Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen

08 Nov: Bristol, UK - Louisiana

09 Nov: Nottingham, UK - Bodega

14 Nov: Exeter, UK - Cavern

15 Nov: Birmingham, UK - Castle & Falcon

16 Nov: Brighton, UK - Green Door Store

17 Nov: Caernarfon, UK - Galeri

23 Nov: Carmarthen, UK - The Parrot

06 Dec: Cardiff, UK - Globe

07 Feb: London, UK - Scala