RALPH - 'For Yourself'

RALPH promotes self love on ‘For Yourself’ the uplifting lead single from her new 10-track album ‘A Good Girl’.

One of my favourite things about RALPH is how she creates songs out of textures that make you feel good, but also guarantees her listener remains emotionally connected to the varying moods of her lyrical themes. ‘For Yourself’ is sonically a chilled song, seeing RALPH slightly step away from her trademark disco sound without losing an upbeat groove you can bop along to. Alternatively, ‘For Yourself’ embraces slick rnb beats broken by bursts of retro, warm textures and the formulaic electro pop snaps, which generally i can’t stand, but I actually don’t mind it here!

‘For Yourself’ is also a touching, narrative-led song. RALPH’s rich and smooth vocal and sensitively-crafted lyrics possess a sobering effect as RALPH intimately allows her listeners to put their own self doubts, insecurities and outward search for approval under the microscope; instead, soothingly encouraging living for ourselves, on our own terms, and knowing we are enough as we are.

The track is actually inspired by a quote from “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” - “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?” which RALPH explains, “I hope this song can be a positive mantra for listeners who need to be reminded that they are enough, and no one’s opinion matters except your own.” Really beautiful stuff!

Words of Karla Harris

Stream 'A Good Girl' on Spotify, here.