Live Review: Sea Girls - Scala, London 18/10/2018


When I enter London’s Scala The Pale White have just started their set, playing to a room that keeps getting more crowded by the minute. Sea Girls have sold out the 1,145 capacity venue and the genuine love for music is palpable. While it’s clear that a good portion of the crowd hasn’t heard of The Pale White before, they’re still giving the band their undivided attention. Even in the kids in the back of the room are jamming out to the tunes. Having personally seen The Pale White open for a few different acts over the past year, I found myself singing along to a few of their songs, without ever listening to their music outside of their gigs. Singer, Adam, has an incredible voice, and the three-piece make catchy rock tunes that stick with you post show, no matter what. 

Sea Girls may be one of the smartest bands in the world, having only one opener gets their fans in the door to appreciate the support band without much annoyance, while also making parents happy by having their teens home before eleven. The set starts with Eat Me Whole, the first song I heard by the band, and the reason I’m even at this show to begin with. The crowd loses their minds, and the energetic response to the foursome doesn’t waver at any point in the night. Teen boys start friendly seeming mosh pits throughout the night, and sing along losing themselves in complete bliss. The camaraderie in the crowds at indie shows in England is something beautiful that seems to only exist in this country. At no point in the night are more than 3 people taking photos or filming on their cell phones, and even when they are, their eyes are still fixated on the band, rather than on their phones. During Lost, front-man Henry takes to the crowd, singing the final verse while being surfed through a packed Scala. Eventually the fans lose hold, and he winds up on their level. An overly excited teen boy grabs his face, but Henry seems unfazed and continues on with the song, jumping around and having a blast with the crowd as confetti falls.

Overall Sea Girls are a band that cannot be missed. If they’re not on your radar already, they should be now. At the rate they’re going, you’ll be seeing these guys names on the marquee at Kentish Town Forum before this time next year, without a doubt. 

Words and Photography by Sara Feigin