Phoxjaw - 'Lottery'


Bristol’s enigmatic Phoxjaw have been on the rise ever since 2018’s killer festival season ended and it’s not difficult to see why. On stage all four members of the band have their own unique stage presence, especially Huw Allen, who walks around the back of the stage like a demented Velociraptor, screaming and pacing looking for his next victim. Although the band put on awesome live shows, their music library has always been quite small on the likes of streaming giants Spotify and Apple Music, but that is all about to change as they debuted their single ‘Lottery’ off their upcoming EP ‘Goodbye Dinosaur’ out on November 16th.

‘Lottery’ has been hitting the airwaves on Kerrang! Radio and has also had plays on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter. ‘Lottery’ kicks off at a fast pace and if you have listened to Phoxjaw before, this won’t come as a surprise to you at all. As Danny Garland’s introduces himself with some intense but seemingly upbeat vocals, you get a feel for how truly rare Phoxjaw are. There are very few bands comparable to them in terms of sound but one who does come close is Shinedown and that's certainly not a bad thing. Whilst the verses have distinctly rock sound, the chorus has a more of a pop punk vibe in a similar vein to American outfit I Prevail. As soon as the chorus ends though you dive straight back into the chaos of apocalyptic riffs and emotional screams that sound like thunder from the rainforest.

Although Phoxjaw do bear some similarities to the aforementioned bands, they only take the positives points to create an unexampled symphony of beautiful mayhem and bedlam in a music scene which is already incredibly saturated. It’s incredibly impressive for a relatively new band. ‘Goodbye Dinosaur’ hits the market on November 16th and long let the anarchy continue.   

Words by Alfie Drake