Gerard Way - 'Baby You’re A Haunted House'


By now I’m sure you’ve heard of it, maybe even heard it. Either way it’s hard to escape Gerard Way’s latest offering, ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House’.

The ex-My Chem frontman has been relatively busy since the band’s demise. While his last full release was in 2014 with small releases in past years, he’s kept himself busy writing a variety of comics and even working with Netflix on a full adaption of his Umbrella Academy comics. Fans soon realised that ‘Hesitant Alien’’s follow up wouldn’t be appearing anytime soon, making this release such a surprise. While Gerard had teased on social media that he was getting back to music this track was dropped almost out of nowhere, just in time for Halloween!

The track itself is a solid surprise for fans. Fuzzed out power pop which isn’t miles from his earlier solo material but this time seemingly pulling more from American 90s bands such as Weezer, unlike the Britpop laced ‘Hesitant Alien’. A wall of fuzz and a solid, playful hook bring you into the track. A quick, quieter verse and straight back round. The track is all about that charming chorus, almost reminiscent of MCR’s brief foray into children’s music. As before, Gerard explores interesting ideas on the guitars across the track while hitting syrupy sweet vocal lines. Gerard’s brother Mikey played bass on the track as he did in MCR, providing a pounding bassline to tie the fuzz to the drums. 

All in all, it’s quite teasing. Fans will be happy enough with the track itself but that tantalising new sound, the oh so long years since Hesitant Alien and the fact that it’s still not been announced if this song will be a part of a full album make for a strong combination. We can hope but will we receive? Only time will tell. Until then I guess it’s Baby You’re a Haunted House on repeat for me, a situation which I’m more than happy with.

Words by Nathan Blackstone