Interview: Rosborough

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We had a chat with Rosborough about record shops and discovering new music.

Where do you get the inspiration for your music?

I try not to look for it anywhere. I write everyday that I’m off and to finish a song in under four hours. I like too much, I don’t want to emulate so I try to keep myself away from other influences.

Growing up what would have been the main things you listened to?

My home was a record collecting house, so we had anything from really early genesis to Kate Bush and David Bowie to Black Sabbath. So a good range.

How did you end up being the support for Seafret?

We had a couple mutual friends and actually I went out with them in Europe last years, in May. I played a show for them first in London and a couple months later they asked me to go with them on their Europe tour.

So, do you get on well with them then?

We just got on straight away. They are the nicest boys, beyond friendly. It was like I just had best mates delivered to me. It can be really nerve wracking, especially if you’re on together every night, but I have been really lucky with them.

How did your career start off?

It was really weird because it just started in my house. We had one of these books that was ‘Learn the Guitar in Three Chords’. So I did. I just picked up the guitar at around 10 and started writing around then as well. They used to sneak me in to open mic nights through the fire escapes so that the cops wouldn’t catch me in the pubs and I would just perform for about 15 -20 minutes. Then when I was 15 I started experimenting and joining bands.

Have you only ever played your own music?

I did a few covers for a while because I think its important to. It means you get a chance to figure out how everything works. But I’ve always played my own stuff. I’ve always been in situations where I can play both but I like to stick to my guns and play my own stuff.

Are you based here in London?

No I travel! I’m based in Derry, my home and I love it there. Its a really small, creative wee hub. And were just far away from anything that nothing there really becomes cool, which I think we benefit from. Everyone else is a singer, an actor or a writer. So the live band scene there is very supportive.

Where are your locations for live music or for record shopping?

I do frequent record shops too often. I spend too much on something and then look on eBay and spend eve more. I find when I have a night off I just go out and look for live music, I try not to plan it because I think recommendations can be a bit weird at times.I think nowadays it can be too easy to find music. I like to see a band live and I love the feeling, when you don’t know who they are and you have to go and find out. I do the same with festivals, just walk around and see whats out there and hope I find something. There’s always bands that you want to see but I think if you have time off its fun to just discover.

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Interview by Jesse Wells and Photography by Max Herridge