Peakes - 'Still Life'


Peakes’ latest single ‘Still Life’ is a delightfully atmospheric ode to the desolation of a postie. The Leeds based electronic pop-trio have crafted a widescreen sound reminiscent of Stranger Things score masters SURVIVE, albeit with more of a sense of real human emotional connection.

OK so it might not be an emo version of the Postman Pat theme (although please someone make that), but apparently the lyrics were inspired by vocalist Molly Puckering’s feeling of loneliness in her day job as a postwoman. This atmosphere of detachment and isolation is compounded by Maxwell Shirley’s minimal, introspective synths and Peter Redshaw’s sparse, calculated beats.

Still Life’ evolves over its three minutes into a cinematic marvel with a blockbuster heart at its core. Puckering’s vocals soar above the glitching ambient synths, providing a window into a very personal brand of emotional turmoil. Peakes have managed to find beauty in loneliness and turn the coldness of minimal electronica into a warm hearted expression of emotional depth.

Words by Hattie Long