Maurice Amour - 'People Change'

English Multi-Instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Maurice Amour releases emotionally charged new single ‘People Change’.

From its relaxed, ambient, indie folk beginning to its swelling cinematic climax, ‘People Change’ is deliberately crafted to elicit an emotional response from its listener. Maurice Armour’s direct storytelling sees him reflecting on how life can go from good to bad, as he sits “questioning everything… wondering where I lost my sight” and the constant changes to our human connections throughout life, “And I’ve seen people they change, they come, they go, they don’t stay the same”. This allows his listener access into his own story, while also allowing us to reflect on our own circumstances and relationships too.

Amour’s vocal is sombre yet warm and atmospheric which makes you want to trust every word he says. His touching use of nostalgia and romanticism is deeply woven into the track’s production with a tenderness that peaks on its hook, as Amour croons “give me your love, I’m a broken man… give me your heart and I’ll give you my hands”.

‘People Change’ is a soul searching offering that addresses the darkness, before finding catharsis and then hope. It’s a plea for love, for affirmation, and it leaves itself open to interpretation in its title and theme. There’s a sadness to change, but it’s also how we grow and how we end up where we need to be as we go about the chapters of our individual lives.

I guess what I’m trying to say is ‘People Change’ reminded me that the connections we have throughout our lives can be fleeting and bittersweet. Loss and change can hurt. But it also hurts to stay in the same place when you know you need to be somewhere else, or that you need to do better. For me, acceptance, recovery, growth and forgiveness underpin the love story at the heart of the song and in its own way; ‘People Change’ is a reminder to be kinder to ourselves.

Words of Karla Harris