Live Review: EDEN - Vogue Theatre, Vancouver 02/10/2018


We caught EDEN at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, where he played to a packed room of dedicated fans. With support from local indie-pop duo Harlequin Gold, the evening was set to be a magical one, right from the get go.

Made up of sisters Avery and Elle O'Brien, Harlequin Gold is one of British Columbia’s golden child bands that everyone has their eyes on. They are beginning to get the recognition they deserve, playing festivals around the city, opening up for different bands touring through Vancouver, and releasing incredible new songs like Youth. Avery and Elle gave a wonderful performance further proving they are an act to keep on your radar.

Full of glittery layers, their sound translates wonderfully into live performance, and easily captivated the audience. Whether or not they knew Harlequin Gold beforehand, everyone in that room knew who they were afterwards. We can’t wait to see where these ladies go on their musical journey!

You could feel the anticipation in the room before EDEN (Jonathon Ng) took to the stage. The Irish singer/songwriter/producer has a fairly young and very dedicated fanbase that spreads across the globe. His layered, dreamy sound immediately takes you out of your head to a new level where there are no hard hitting notes or sounds, but instead there’s a relaxing flow to everything from the music itself, to the visuals it creates.

His live show is one of the most atmospheric out there at the moment. Despite being on a stage that can, at times, seem very cluttered and claustrophobic, it felt as if it was being held on a very relaxed cloud. The simple setup allows you to immerse yourself in the music. Even when Ng steps out from behind either of the two keyboards on stage he is almost entirely backlit, as if to not take away from the atmosphere he creates through his layered sound.

With dates throughout the rest of the US, Europe, and the UK until the end of November, there is no reason to miss out on this experience. Even if you haven’t listened to EDEN’s music before, you will leave feeling like a new, better person. And don’t forget to give Harlequin Gold a listen. You’ll want to be around to see what they do next!

Review and Photography by Kelli Anne Lane