Album Review: Mike Schmid - 'Midnight Revelator'

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Mike Schmid, releases his seventh album, ‘Midnight Revelator’, made up of eleven polished, moody pop songs.

When you’re Mike Schmid, already have six albums under your belt and have worked with some of the biggest names in pop right now (such as The Chainsmokers, Miley Cyrus, Troye Sivan), your talent and proficiency as a musician is not something that is likely to be disputed, especially on your seventh album! Or at least, not in a way that can be taken seriously outside of personal opinion.

’Midnight Revelator’ does exactly what its name suggests and reveals itself in eleven moody and emotional parts, each track an insightful look into the themes of love, longing, human kindness and reflection - documenting a lot of the thoughts that keep us up at night. Album opener ‘Calm’ is my favourite track on the album. It’s a tenderly crafted song with thoughtful metaphors and vivid imagery, connecting love and care to the various stages of the weather as Schmid soothingly coos, “I wanna be your calm in the storm”.

The album’s titular track follows, tapping into a darker, pulsating textures and snappy percussion. Tracks like ‘Traitor’ make up the hookier pop songs on the album, with a sprinkle of sugary synth that reminds me of neon lights after dark. ‘Sink To The Bottom’ also gave me a similar feeling. Then there’s tracks like ‘Beautiful People’ which respectfully nod back to the more playful and uplifting side to Schmid’s sound and storytelling which will be familiar to fans of Schmid’s, 2011 album, ‘Let It Out’.

In its entirety ‘Midnight Revelator’ is a stunning combination of exciting production and evocative lyrics. This album should satisfy fans who have followed Mike Schmid’s career for a while, while also impressing new listeners like myself.

Words of Karla Harris