Madison Olds - 'Thank You'

Canadian singer-songwriter Madison Olds shares empowering new single , ‘Thank You’ taken from her upcoming album, ‘BLUE’ .

Opening with warm, summery electronic beats and shimmery synth, ‘Thank You’ is an uplifting track that puts a fresh, positive twist on heartbreak. This is the kind of flawless and emotive pop that would fit in nicely on any mainstream chart, but showcases depth and intelligence as well as being fun and hooky. Madison Olds has a remarkable vocal that soothes and feels like sunshine as it takes on a contemporary, formidable flow, but also soars into sweet, airy, cathartic highs as Olds discovers there is freedom and beauty in having your heart broken and rediscovering yourself.

Thematically, ‘Thank You’ explores “the value of learning from our mistakes and the self-compassion and growth that can be found in the process. It serves to remind us all that life is a grand experiment, founded in risk, love, loss and self re-affirmation”. As the track, heads closer to its conclusion, Olds shows off a nice acoustic break in the track before taking a more bouyant direction with the production, changing the tone, and overall keeping her listener engaged sonically as well as lyrically. I’m really glad Madison Olds has hit my radar here in London and can’t wait to hear more.

Words of Karla Harris