In Conversation With: SHADED


SHADED have just released their new EP ‘A Familiar Love’, we have a chat with vocalist Matt James East, about how their sound has progressed and the writing process for the new EP.

What are the main influences behind the A Familiar Love EP, and in what ways does it differ to The Better Man In Me?

This EP is head and shoulders a step-up from EP1 in all areas - writing, individual abilities, production, EVERYTHING. We worked extremely hard on every aspect of this EP and couldn't be prouder. As far as influences go, we wanted to write a record that came completely organically to us - we will never write a record with other bands, artists or songs in mind. We want to write music that appeals to, not only fans and listeners, but us as music consumers. We've kept our 'pop-punk' roots, but we have all spent our lives growing up as big fans of pop, r'n'b and various other genres outside of alternative music so I definitely think we let our natural instincts take control of the writing process for AFL. 

What is your favourite track off A Familiar Love, not necessarily just to perform but as a track to listen to /be proud of?  

'You.' is the one that comes to mind straight away for us. I love it's energy and the way it progresses. The lead hook is definitely an earworm too haha!

Looking back on TBMIM do you feel it's going to feature heavily in your live set or are you more about pushing and releasing the new material?

We have been cycling TBMIM for a year now. It's definitely time for a change so, as of now, only a couple of tracks from that EP will feature in our live set.

Two EPs down now, is there any chance that we can expect to hear a full length SHADED release soon?

That's not something we really want to think about just yet! This EP hasn't even hit the shelves yet - give us a few months and maybe you'll have a different answer, who knows haha!

Which do you find more enjoyable performance wise; small intimate shows or larger festival settings?

It entirely depends. Whatever size the show is, if people are enjoying themselves and getting involved, we're more than happy!

Who are some artists/bands that you listen to a lot of in your spare time? Do you think they influence your own writing much?

Personally, I'm really into artists like Lauv, Lany and Chelsea Cutler at the moment - sort of chilled pop kind of stuff. I'm definitely influenced by pop music, but for the most part, I just write what comes organically to me - I never think or aim to sound like a certain artist or song. 

Writing process: is there a lot of work done there and then in the studio or are you the type of band that has everything prepared well ahead of time? 

It's a big combination of both. The foundations of our songs are laid down and demoed before we head into the studio, but once we're in there, sometimes we come out the other side with a completely different song haha! Once you're in the studio with more ears and hands casting their input, it's usually what turns what you might think is a good song into a GREAT song or at least give it more of a boost in the right direction. 

Feature by Rhys Haberfield

‘A Familiar Love’ is out now via Common Ground Records. Catch the band live at the following live dates -

9.10.18 – 229, London*

10.10.18 – The Anvil, Bournemouth*

27.11.18 – Fleece, Bristol**

28.11.18 – Engine Rooms, Southampton**

29.11.18 – Rebellion, Manchester**

30.11.18 – Key Club, Leeds**

1.12.18 – O2 Institute3**

2.12.18 – Think Tank, Newcastle**

3.12.18 – King Tuts, Glasgow**

5.12.18 – Underworld, London**

6.12.18 – Open, Norwich**

 *Co-headline tour with Wolf Culture

** Supporting PVMNTS