Barns Courtney - '99'

Barns Courtney.jpg

Singer songwriter Barns Courtney has released his very empowering and anthemic new single ‘99’ which will have you belting the lyrics at the top of your lungs every time you hear it.  

Barns Courtney has been a poster boy for alternative music and one of When The Horn Blown’s favourite acts over the past couple of years with the release of his magnificent debut album, ‘The Attractions of Youth’. With a second album just finished, Barns Courtney has given us another taste of what to expect with his very lively new single ‘99’.  

Barns said that ‘99’ is a song “about losing touch with your former self and the needless formalisation of fun in our daily lives as we age’”. Although the meaning of the song is about losing touch, it’s also about self-growth and the melodies of the song are so uplifting and provide an escape from reality which is truly beautiful. Barns Courtney is so good at turning something quite depressing into something so empowering and happy which is the mark of a really talented songwriter. Also the tenderness of the acoustic guitar, Barn’s soothing vocals & inspiring chorus really give this song so much depth.  

‘99’ is already highly critically acclaimed, the swagger and uplifting feeling of the song will continue to make this a hit for so many new listeners and should stand the test of time of being a great inspiring song.

Words of Shaun Mulhern