Kid Kapichi - 'Revolver'

Kid Kapichi are firing on all cylinders on their new single ‘Revolver’.

The riff is one that Royal Blood would wish they came up with – it’s heavy and comes at you like a wrecking ball. The verse is like Slaves, particularly their track ‘Hey’ (‘For the passing car/Going too fast’). However, Kid Kapichi know how to write anthems. The ‘aaahhhh’s’ before the chorus, and the chorus itself, are Kasabian-esque. ‘Revolver’ sounds like a Wild West soundtrack set to a grotty English pub ahead of a messy night out.

The term ‘rock is dead’ is thrown around a lot by music journalists, but Kid Kapichi prove them wrong with ‘Revolver’. The band demonstrate that rock can be still be exciting and dangerous yet provide catchy hooks and anthems for everyone and enter the mainstream. Whether you’re a die-hard rock music fan or just casually listen to the radio every now and then, you will appreciate what ‘Revolver’ delivers. Kid Kapichi will be big, so you better strap yourselves in for the ride.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst