Live Review: Sigrid - O2 Brixton Academy, London 12/11/2018

Sigrid - O2 Brixton Academy - London - 12.11.2018 - Ant Adams-10.jpg

Sigrid made our stomachs jump around with joyful butterflies at her recent sold out show at London’s Brixton Academy. With a massive seventeen song set list, you can’t help but think how this tiny lady has the energy? But she kept the whole room dancing from start to finish!

Sigrid turns the London venue into a giant party when she smashes straight into her newest hit ‘Sucker Punch’. The most interesting thing about it all though, is that she does it as if it is second nature. Like it was nothing. Throughout the show, she never walks, she skips - jumps - leaps - dances to the point where you just can’t help but join her and smile. Despite being quite early on in the set, the whole crowd joins her in singing along to ‘Schedules’ with the line - ‘I think we’re a hit’.

For an artist that is yet to bring out her debut album, it can be a struggle to fill such a long set list that is expected at such a venue as Brixton Academy. Don’t get me wrong, the lesser known songs tonight didn’t get as much response as the hits such as ‘High Five’ and ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’. However her personality and energy keeps the audience in the palm of her hand.

Sigrid can dance all night at you, whack out banger after banger when it comes to her pop tunes, but I think the thing that everyone loves the most about her is that you can just tell she is genuine - the real deal. That happiness, that constant desire to not sit still like an excited child, or the need to jive at any given moment.

You just know it’s all real when it comes to Sigrid.

Words and Photography by Ant Adams