The Band Explains: WILD - 'I'll Let You Know'

Los Angeles trio WILD spoke to us about the quirks and colour behind their creative visuals for, ‘I’ll Let You Know’.
‘I’ll Let You Know’ is a vibrant and lively cut of folk-infused, anthemic indie pop with a rousing spirit, taken from WILD’s debut EP, Lace & Layers, which is out now!

WILD Explains:
”So the video was actually filmed in the director’s (Lola Blanc) apartment in LA. She, the costume designer Phoenix Mellow and the set designer Danin Jacquay literally covered the walls with fabric and made the sets right there. It was funny because we had to cover the doorways to the bathroom and to leave the apartment so once we started filming no one was allowed to leave! 

The different patterns and colours used were really all Lola and Phoenix’s idea. We really just wanted an energetic video that made you want to dance. So we thought us dancing together in ridiculous clothes should do it! 

The song is about not knowing where you’re at in your life but feeling comfort from others who feel the same. So it’s kind of like all the patterns shouldn’t work together but they do and it’s beautiful. We hope people can just laugh, smile and want to dance after watching the video.”

Interview feature by Karla Harris