Live Review: King No-One - The Garage, London 14/11/2018


Worry not, ladies and gentleman, for the wait is finally over; King No-One have finally got it nailed. The promising and ever-on-the-rise indie-rockers have got untapped raw talent bursting at the seams.

The Yorkshire based indie-rockers decided to give us Londoners visit on Wednesday to kick off their late (and well overdue…) 2018 tour. Starting at The Garage, London, and ending at the legendary O2 Ritz, Manchester, King No-One are looking to enter 2019 with a bang and are seemingly wasting no time in getting that momentum going for the new year.

Having spent the previous years releasing singles and gigging relentlessly, King No-One have managed to attract cult-like crowds to their shows; and The Garage was no different. With deafening screams every time a sound techy came on stage, and King No-One t-shirts being worn in their masses, London (and King No-one for that matter) was in for a treat.

Strutting on stage in a sleek and shiny Captain-Hook-esque red overcoat and leather trousers, frontman Zach Lount entices the crowd with his ferocious postures and untamed dance moves. Bursting with energy, Zach’s singing to the crowd on-top of speakers and even daring an adventure into the crowd itself. Having years of gigs and experience on their belts, they don’t seem to be even breaking a sweat!

Classic fan favourites “Alcatraz” and “Anti-Christ “ feature in the well performed setlist, with the crowds going equally mental for both. However, it eventually gets a bit too sweaty and heated for Zach, with him having to forcibly strip down to just his trousers towards the end... (bloody rock bands, eh?)

What strikes and impresses me most about King No-One is that, despite the incredibly tight live performances and awe inducing sound, they are still to grace us with that all-important debut album. As someone who has seen them a few times before, they’ve improved exponentially over the years and seemingly have no limit to what we can expect from them. Watch out, 2019; King No-One’s coming for you.

Words and Photography by Jordan Logan