Ithaca - 'The Language of Injury'

Photo Credit: Ben Gibson

Photo Credit: Ben Gibson

Ithaca have announced the release of their debut album ‘The Language of Injury’ which is due in February. To coincide with this announcement, they are also streaming the title track.

Formed in 2012, Ithaca draw their musical influences from bands like Oathbreaker and Poison The Well. They currently have two EP’s under their belt with 2014’s ‘Narrow The Way’ which was a classic hardcore introduction to them as a band, in comparison to the more melodic and experimental sound of ‘Trespassers’, which was released in 2015. After signing to Holy Roar records, Ithaca are back with a more intense and hard-hitting song, which feels similar to songs off of their most recent EP.

‘The Language of Injury’ starts off with an atmospheric distant call that gets drowned out by thrashing drums and instantly makes way for shrill and urgent sounding growls. Beneath all of the shrieking chaos is a melodic guitar riff that goes back and forth from ploughing through your ears like a freight train, to being a distinct singular thread that weaves in and out of the traffic around it. With the combination of screaming “does it sound like leaving?” and the offset between male and female vocals, there is an air of betrayal that seems to be portrayed. 

If you like your music on the heavier side, where the musicians aren’t afraid to play with time signatures or to show a little emotion, Ithaca might be the band for you and their debut album might be the best way to get to know them a little better.

‘The Language of Injury’ will be released on 1st February 2019.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly