Ten Fé - 'No Night Lasts Forever'

With their second album soon on the way, Ten Fé have given us a sneak peek into the new and exciting, yet very subjective, direction that they’re about to undertake with their new single ‘No Night Lasts Forever’.

With it only being just over a year since their knockout debut album, ‘Hit The Light’, it unfortunately does beg the question; is it too soon for another one? After all, most artists need a good couple of years and a few anger-filled heartbreaks to get the ball rolling again and to progress meaningfully onwards. However, always one to smash expectations, Ten Fé seem ready.

Whilst staying true to their hot and steamy The 1975 vibes and uneasy The Cure roots, Ten Fé have seemingly taken a step away from their arbitrary debut album melodies, and instead introduced an honest and upfront statement about their music. Yet, whilst pivoting to a new sound of 80’s synths and angsty Springsteen-esque country rock, ‘No Light Lasts Forever’ still sits concealed behind a veneer of bittersweet ambiguity that struggles to find a single genre to express itself within (which, perhaps, is the best part.)

Amidst the Americana-like baselines, rolling synths and dream-pop guitar riffs, Ten Fé manage to strike this low-spirited yet carefree happy medium; a tune where its meaning is entirely dependent on the mood of the listener. Whether it be driving down long and winding country roads, or fresh out of a hurtful relationship, ‘No Night Lasts Forever’ carries a stunning fluidity to its true meaning and emotion.

With their new album, 'Future Perfect, Present Tense', out 8th March, I’ve got the creeping suspicion that it might be their best one yet.

Words of Jordan Logan