Polar States - 'Lana'

Liverpool pop-rock band Polar States release anthemic new offering ‘Lana’ as new signees to Killing Moon Records’ New Moons label.

High energy and hooky from the second you press play, Polar States impact with an immediacy on their new single ‘Lana’. Produced by Larry Hibbitt (Sundara Karma, Nothing But Thieves, The Pretty Vicious) and there’s a really cool, frenetic indie rock feeling to the track with its searing guitar arrangements and thunderous drum parts. The lyrics are simple and catchy in a pop-centric way and take me back to the kind of easy listening yet energetic music that soundtracked a lot of my teenage years 00s indie club nights.

But I’m not saying this is a dated sound. It’s not. It feels fresh and insanely enthusiastic. The vocal has a nice range to it which is familiar and really likeable. In fact, Polar States are channeling a sound on this release that at times made me think they might have eaten Banfi and amped up the instrumentation a little to try and conceal it. Either way, Polar States are wrapping up the year on a well deserved high and I’m really happy for When The Horn Blows to be a part of supporting that.

Words of Karla Harris

Polar States have also announced a December 14th headline show at the 02 Academy in Liverpool, with endorsements from Roland, Blackstar Amplification and Dean Markley Strings.