RedHook - 'Turn Up The Stereotype'

Photo credit:  Brooke Harley  /  Keith Bogan

Photo credit: Brooke Harley / Keith Bogan

Sidney-based band RedHook unleash their defiant alt rock single, ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’ calling out the stereotypical bad guys and the bullies who won’t let people just be themselves.

As soon as the track begins you are thrown straight in to a catchy as hell riff. The track immediately feels very reminiscent of something that Disturbed or many other Nu Metal bands would put out, this is by no means a negative comment because well…Nu Metal is freaking awesome and makes you just want to move around and lose yourself in the tunes!  Vocalist Emmy Mack brings a ferocious and emotive vocal to an already explosive song. During the verses there are elements of rap/sing vocal parts again and overall you can’t help but be reminded of early Linkin Park with a badass female twist.

What’s also cool about RedHook is that whilst they draw inspiration from artists such as Bring Me the Horizon or Tonight Alive, they still have their own original sound and they really stand out from the crowd. ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’ was born from Mack being pissed off about how so many people are picked on by stereotypical bullies and what better a way to express that through driving, huge and impactful tunes. I personally have had this track on repeat and love it more and more with every listen.

I will certainly be keeping a close eye on RedHook from now on, so do yourselves a favour and check this band out asap!

Words of Pete Herbert