BYRN - 'High For You'


Written after a reportedly intense dream, High For you is the latest dreamy pop track by Byrn (AKA Amber Louros). Exploring themes of love and describing them in the biggest way it can.

The tracks instrumentation hits first and certainly caught me first. Danny McBride Jr’s work on the track helps it feel like an effortlessly suspended cloud of luscious sound. Subtle synth percussion clicks and and slides about with extra sprinkles elsewhere to accentuate. It’s a lovely bit of sound design that compliments the vocals perfectly. Amber’s vocals across the track continue the easy feel while selling it’s underlying love story. It’s confident without being brash, sitting right where it needs to in the mix. The choruses and their gradual build with each featuring more and more harmonies, displaying serious vocal prowess. The vocal layers build and build till the end.

Overall the track is just perfectly put together. It’s so consistent in it’s feel and sound that I can’t stop playing it. It’s hints towards artists like the XX while being it’s own, cheerier and melodious self. BYRN is definitely one to watch and this track is definitely one to check out!

Words by Nathan Blackstone