Live Review: The Prodigy - Brighton Centre, 05/11/2018

The Prodigy-The Brighton Centre-05.11.18-20.jpg

You may be forgiven for questioning anybody who wakes up on a Monday morning in November and says to their loved on... Fancy sitting down at a drum 'n' bass gig tonight? But when that gig is to see The Prodigy, it all makes perfect sense!

It may not be the first thing you associate with a Prodigy gig but never before have I seen a crowd so together, so completely lost in the music yet all so at home. It's like every single person knew one another and it was perfectly acceptable to move, shake, jump, dance in any way you saw fit.

A sea of hands were lifted to the roof of the Brighton Centre as the huge banner covering the stage was dropped and the band entered. What better way to answer the calls of the crowd then to jump straight into Breathe (which turns 10 years old next year! Makes you feel old right?!).

A quick transition from old to new then followed as the band accelerated into new track Resonate. One that the fans welcomed with open arms like it had been part of the band's back catalogue for years.

If you thought at any point during the night you would be allowed to stop and catch your breath, you were very much mistaken. Tracks such as Omen, Need Some1 and Firestarter mixed with a light show worthy of an award left everyone in a state of frenzy. Forget the gym, if you want a real work out, get yourself to a Prodigy show! Where standing still is literally a crime.

Welcomed back on stage for their encore like gods answering their worshipers prayers, the band ended the night in fitting style with "Take Me To The Hospital". A statement most of the crowd probably mumbled to their fellow dance partners before rolling out of the Brighton Centre and into the night.

The Prodigy are without a doubt one of the biggest bands this country and maybe even the world has ever seen. It's not about chart toppers or conforming to the rules. It's about making a statement, it's about being free to be free. So leave your problems at home, grab a pint and dance like everyone is watching!

Words and Photography by Daniel Hills