Elina - 'Champion'

ELINA shares another emotive cut of vulnerable pop in ‘Champion’, the newest single to be revealed from her debut EP dropping Spring 2019.

This year ELINA has proven herself to be very consistent in creating songs that resonate deeply with her audience, as a formidable songwriter who is now focussing on putting her own voice to her lyrics. Keeping a listener hooked when you’re creating relatively stripped songs isn’t always an easy feat, but ELINA knows how to make magic out of an understated piano arrangement which compliments her intimate vocal and lyrics perfectly.

‘Champion’ flitters with melodic emotion, equally heartwarming and heartbreaking in its beautiful sonic textures and vulnerable lyricism. As the the track develops, the song feels airier and deceivingly expansive with the use of subtle synth that builds with a thrilling, ambient suspense, before tapping into that ethereal, atmospheric, cathartic ethos that we heard on ‘Here With Me’.

ELINA is making music out of hope, heartache and fear that impact by conjuring flame-covered butterflies in your belly. This is pop music that really makes you feel.

Words of Karla Harris