Video: NIKI - 'Spell'


There is a haunting beauty in NIKI’s video for “Spell,” and like the lyrics suggest, it ‘hurts like hell.’ Watching as NIKI wanders through woodlands with a sombre look worn on her face, juxtaposed with moving through the nightlife of a busy city, it encapsulates just how painful and perfect love can be. There’s a great focus on the Jakarta-born writer and producer’s face as she softly sings the powerful lyrics which draws you in and makes you feel every word.

When she sings ‘So I’ll love you ‘til it hurts like hell, ‘til God breaks this spell,’ the vulnerability of a person in love rises high above the slowed down cinematography, reminding you how everything moves much gentler when you’re trying to comprehend one of the strongest emotions in the universe. It feels as though she’s singing directly at you, with soft glances towards the camera, almost hypnotic. Paired with her beautiful voice and the warmth in her gaze, “Spell” is addictive and passionate, never allowing you to look away.

It reminds you of Lana Del Rey’s video for “Video Games,” and offers the same kind of fascination of watching a woman sing her heart out about the love she feels. It helps that the lyrics are so strong, and when they are sung in such a moving way you can’t help but get drawn in. Every word she sings is conveyed with intensity, and the simplistic beat helps to guide you through a journey of love, passion and longing.

Words by Chris White