Palm Reader talk 2000Trees Festival


With 2000Trees Festival just over a month away, we had a talk with Palm Reader ahead of their appearance at the festival. 


Are you looking forward to 2000 Trees Festival? We bet you are super excited? 

It’s our fourth...? time playing 2KT. It’s our favourite festival to attend and play!


What stage are you playing this year? Is there anyone you are looking forward to sharing that stage with? 

We’re playing the Cave. We haven’t been given the stage splits but I’m guessing we won’t be sharing with At The Drive In haha.


Can we expect anything special for this festival performance? 

We will have finished touring with The Contortionist for 3 weeks  the night before so we will be on top form. We may bring out some special guests, some golden oldies, or just promise to give one of the best performances of the festival.


Have you been 2000 Trees before? Any tips for first goers? 

We’ve been a whole bunch. Top tip: if everything gets a bit much, go chill out in the forest for an hour and recharge your batteries.


Is there one band everyone should check out this year at the festival? 

Black Peaks. They are dear friends of ours and one of the most phenomenal live acts in the country.


2000Trees Festival takes place 12th/13th/14th July 2018, to buy your tickets click here. Palm Reader will also be hitting the road on their own UK tour, plus will be support Will Haven and the Contortionist over the coming months. Check out the dates below. 

Palm Reader "Braille" Out Now On Silent Cult Records

Palm Reader "Braille" Out Now On Silent Cult Records