Iselin - 'Bathtub'


Iselin has had some precious experience providing vocals on big hits ‘Faded’ and ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ by Alan Walker, with that experience under her belt she bring us her debut single ‘Bathtub’ which has the kind of vibe that I like about some pop music artists.

It has this chilled out style but with catchy vocals and an absolutely bangin’ chorus. Iselin has a very well-suited voice for today’s pop charts and I can see her career being very successful if the rest of the material she releases is similar to this. The idea behind ‘Bathtub’ refers to a troublesome stage she went through, having second thoughts about chasing the dream of being a song-writer, which led to Iselin needing to go back to her hotel room to relax in the Bathtub. It might seem like a rather daft idea for song content but sometimes the simple things in life can end up working well. The track would sit comfortably next to artists like Ariana Grande and the like. 

Words by Pete Herbert