Band of the Week #0047 - Marsicans


This week's Band of the Week is the wonderful Marsicans, who have released their new single 'Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend)' this week via Lab Records. 'Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend)' is your typical Marsicans milkshake, with infectious guitar melodies and catchy lyrics, the track fits perfectly as it beams life into our summer.

We had a chat with Marsicans about the track - 

What are the ideas and themes behind the track?

The track originated from a certain pop-up called 'the Brit method', which I'm 99.99999% sure is a big dirty scam. The whole 'look how rich I am, you could be too' idea made me laugh, and it kind of fits in with those people in your day-to-day life who try and bullshit you and portray themselves as the epitomy of success. The grass isn't always greener, kids...or is it?

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before?

I think it's one of our more straight-forward 'groovers', as they're known in the biz. When we started playing around with it it reminded us a bit of The Cribs. I don't think it really sounds like them now, but theres some drivey bass and guitar lines and the chorus has a certain slacker-ish feel to it.

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories?

It was recorded over at the Cellar of Dreams in Bradford with our good friend and producer Mickey Dale. It was one of the fastest songs we've written and everything fell into place pretty quickly. Our drummer Cale actually wrote the main guitar riff in the verses. He often picks up one of our guitars when we go out of the room to make a cup of tea - he doesn't drink tea; weird, I know- and when we came back in he was playing the riff. It grabbed me straight away and then that was that.

What are the plans for the rest of the year?

We're buzzing for festival season because we get to go back to some of our favourite festivals. We're doing the radio 1 stage at Leeds and Reading this year which is a huge deal for us. We've seen so many sick bands on that stage and we can't wait to get up there. There'll be some touring later on in the year and some more new music at points as well

Marsicans will be playing a number of festivals over the summer, catch them at the following dates - 
07 Jul - Follow The Sun 2018
08 Jul - Barn On The Farm 2018
14 Jul - Smoked And Uncut 2018
21 Jul - Tramlines 2018 (free entry)
22 Jul - Jimmy's Fest 2018
27 Jul - Kendal Calling 2018
04 Aug - Neverworld 2018
05 Aug - 110 Above 2018
24 Aug - Leeds Festival 2018
26 Aug - Reading Festival 2018
06 Sep - Cyprus Avenue, Cork (IE)
07 Sep - Whelan's, Dublin (IE)
08 Sep - Moira Calling 2018(NI)
06 Oct - Neighbourhood Festival 2018

Feature created by Ant Adams