EP Review: Grace Carter - 'Saving Grace'


For such a young artist, there is a surprising amount of maturity in Grace Carter’s music. Her voice is full of strength and promise that exudes from her lyrics and it’s incredibly refreshing. Whilst she may only be 20-years old, it feels like she’s already lived a life of heartache and experiences many veterans of elegant pop have been writing about for years, and with ‘Saving Grace’ you’re treated to personal encounters of the deepest bonds that love tends to etch into our minds. ‘Silhouette’ is the standout track, with Grace’s soulful voice shining over a piano. Singing lines like “You’re in my chest, it’s hard to breathe, it’s like an addiction” show just how painful loving someone can be, and it’s instantly recognisable for anyone that’s gone through that kind of fascination with another soul.

There are shades of Dua Lipa in her tone, but there’s a much more unique flavour to her style. The opening track ‘Saving Grace’ is a powerful song that highlights the vulnerability of losing love, and the people that are always there for us when we feel we’ve lost everything, in Grace’s case, her mother. The drum beat is strong in the chorus, but it never overpowers her voice. Again, the piano compliments the lyrics and allows her to boom with emotion and confidence. ‘Ashes’ is another song that highlights her growth during the EP, following similar patterns of the simplicity each track has shown up to this point. It’s a song that portrays how difficult it is to stop thinking about the ones we love, especially at night when we’re all alone wishing we were lying next to somebody we believe we’re supposed to be with.

Half of You – Demo’ is a wonderful way to end the EP. It doesn’t do anything different in terms of the music, but it’s an honest account of her relationship with her father. Grace can do so much in just a few minutes, and it shows her strength of character and ability to stay strong. The opening chorus’s lyrics are “Cause you’re the one who’s lonely, I know you’ll be calling on me now that I’m somebody, the best thing that you’ll never have” shows her wisdom, and just how intelligent Grace is when it comes to reflecting on her own life experiences and using them for making heartfelt and connective music.

Words by Chris White