Introducing: Akine

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Let us introduce you to Akine, who has released her new track 'Prey for the Prey', which is an emotionally fueled song about war hitting her home country Ukraine. We had a talk with Akine about the 'Prey for the Prey' and the inspiration behind it. 

Where was the track recorded? Are there any behind the scenes stories? 

The track was recorded in Maida Vale at James’ studio (James Earp) we only met once before coming in to record and got on really well. He is awesome to work with. Creative and focused but manages to create a really great vibe at the studio. First few days we experimented with a variety of sounds to see what works, then it was really easy. A few weeks later, the EP was practically finished. Pancho, the cat who lives at the studio was a massive help.

What is the inspirations and concepts behind the track? 

I wrote the song when I was much younger in response to the Maidan protests and the war that followed. I felt pissed off and helpless at the way things were escalating. The news was on at our apartment 24/7 and we were freaking out. Watching almost a million people go out into the streets to protest the abuse of power in our government inspired me to write the lyrics to PFTP. 

How would you describe your sound to someone who hadn't listen to you before? 

I guess I would say its an alternative pop sound with electronic influences. I’m all about meaningful lyrics. 

I’m not big on catergorising music. I didn’t have a pre determined idea of what the track was going to sound like but it was really important that  it complement the message in the lyrics. I’m influenced by so many different types of music from punk rock to alternative. We experimented the first couple days with organic/ acoustic and electronic sounds until we found a blend that worked. James added his magic touch in post-production. 

What are your plans for the next few months? Which bit are you looking forward to the most?

Still writing quite a bit. The EP is ready and will be released  before autumn. I’m really looking forward to sharing more music but  performing the songs live is what I’m most excited about.

Feature created by Ant Adams