6LACK - 'Switch'


After recently informing fans via Twitter that his new album is done, Ricardo Valdez Valentine aka 6LACK has released new single ‘Switch,’ and much like his previous work, the song has some personal lyrics expressed through the melodic hip hop flow and satisfyingly chilled beats it’s filled with. So many rappers tend to rely heavily on auto-tuning their voices or altering them beyond recognition of the original product, but 6LACK has such a smooth and almost hypnotic voice that compliments the trip hop-like beat reminiscent of artists like Moby. The breathy and deep vocals in the background help to harmonise with his voice and provide a great balance throughout.

It feels like a reflection of all the fame 6LACK has seen over the 18 plus months since his debut album ‘Prblms’ dropped, whether that’s trying to escape the media or trying to find out who wants to know him because he’s famous or because they’re genuine, and an air of paranoia and regret softly laces the words. 6LACK has always been a descriptive artist that constructs stories through his music, and ‘Switch’ is no different, asking us to switch places with him and see what he’s seeing, learning how tough it can be dealing with fame.

If the new album is indeed done, ‘Switch’ is a great sign that it’ll live up to the calibre introduced in his debut, and whilst it’s a relatively chilled song filled with reflection and melancholy, 6LACK is an artist to watch out for, and it’ll be exciting to hear what else he has in store.

Words by Chris White