Nelson Can talk 2000 Trees

Photo: Bobby Mandrup

Photo: Bobby Mandrup

With 2000 Trees Festival in a matter of weeks, we had a chat with Nelson Can about their appearance at the festival - 

Are you looking forward to 2000 Trees Festival? We bet you are super excited?

We have a British photographer friend who can't stop talking about how great a festival 2000 Trees is, so we're excited to find out if the hype is real!

What stage are you playing this year? Is there anyone you are looking forward to sharing that stage with?

We’re playing the NEU stage  on the Saturday. Gender Roles and Gallops will be great!

Can we expect anything special for this festival performance?

Yes! We’re playing a brand new song AND playing a cover song by an Australian artist. You’ll just have to come to the concert to find out who it is.

Have you been 2000 Trees before? Any tips for first goers?

We haven't been to 2000 Trees before, but we are all seasoned festival goers. Drink white wine instead of beer. Then you don't have to pee all the time.

Is there one band everyone should check out this year at the festival? 

Yes - Nelson Can!!! Oh, and At The Drive In.

2000Trees Festival takes place 12th/13th/14th July 2018, to buy your tickets click here.