Olloway - 'Moving Out'


Poignant lyricism and electronic beats dominate the latest single from Canadian duo Olloway

Vancouver-based electronic band Olloway dazzle with their newest single ‘Moving Out’. Consisting of Paul Kane and Brett Fabian, the duo previously went by the moniker FKYA as EDM musicians, but feeling like the brand no longer fit, they turned to create a new sound, and thus Olloway was born. Having only released two singles, the band are already making waves, receiving support from Spotify Canada’s New Music Friday and a feature on Spotify Canada’s Viral Charts. There’s no doubt that their newest track will gain them even more support. 

A tranquil opening sets the scene as pondering electronics wander about a high register, backed by serene piano chords and a heartbeat-like pulsing from the percussion. Pensive vocals provide a perfect delivery of the contemplative lyrics, and an aura of passive questioning envelopes the listener. As the lyrics ‘We’re falling apart with every day from all of the words we wouldn’t say’ ring out with a heartbreaking undertone, ambient electronics will haunt you with their chilling emotions. The track slowly builds up towards the chorus, and it hits amongst a flurry of electronic beats. A fervent electric guitar solo soars over a bed of synths and stirring beats, and as it dwindles down to melancholic piano chords, we follow along with the natural swell and ebbing of the track. The more subdued moments give listeners a chance to breathe, whilst the breakdowns will have you surrendering all of your emotions and just letting yourself be freed. The track finishes in the same vein as it started, with calm piano chords. 

The unique blend of textures and instrumentation make this a stirring track to lose yourself to, and we can’t wait to hear more from this duo in the future. There are, without question, big things in store for Olloway and we can’t wait to see how they will proceed.

Words by Athena Kam