Kojaque - 'Date Night'


The grit in Kojaque’s lyrics make every track he releases captivating, and “Date Night” is no different. Rapping about a night out in Dublin with a girl, he describes the bare bones of having a good time with reckless aplomb, as heard in other rappers’ music like Devlin, namely “London City.” The song features fellow Soft Boy Records’ member Luka Palm, and the two bounce off each other with an evident rapport. It isn’t just the lyrics that suck you in, it’s the beat too.

Instead of the typical heavy drops hip hop reverts to, “Date Night” relies on the hi-hats and a smooth bass guitar to accompany it. On occasion the track mixes up with slow jams and breaks, but when the chorus drops the beat ramps up and throws you right back into the mix. He also uses sound effects to bring the story he’s telling to life, like police sirens.

It’s a reflection of being young and trying to have fun amongst the mundane jobs and monotony of life we can all find ourselves in. It’s relatable, never hiding behind any false claims or boisterous arrogance, “Date Night” is a craic, and you should all listen to it. Kojaque is relatable and talented, never missing a beat when it comes to reflecting the youth’s ideals, dreams, and hopes for the future.

Words by Chris White