Kirby Forest - 'Space'


Kirby Forest’s new track is about working hard to achieve your dream, rapping about determination and getting to where you want to go through your own dedication and drive. A positive message, but it’s delivered with a flow so calm and collected you can’t help but be impressed. “Space” has an evidently amateur recorded sound, which isn’t a dig, but more about praise for the production. It comes across as honest – as if he just picked up a mic, hit record and let his passion and sharp tongue loose over the warped yet relaxed beat.

The bass is subtle, and the chilled synths that accompany it have no real cohesion, but it works. It complements the deep voice with which Kirby raps with, and right until the end it catches the back of your throat with an addictive pulse. “Space” feels old school, like he’s been listening to Mos Def, taking a page out of his book, managing to rap with conviction.

If you’re looking for a new hip hop artist to spend some time with, Kirby Forest is up there with the best newcomers in the UK. “Acid Jazz” featured the same kind of experimental vibe, but had a faster beat with more purpose. “Space” is the opposite, but like a coin there’re two sides to the London-born, Atlanta-raised artist, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Words by Chris White