The Artist Explains: Pi Ja Ma - 'Ponytail'

Pauline de Tarragon of Pi Ja Ma speaks to us about her quirky video for infectious alt-pop single ‘Ponytail’. The visuals see her and a few friends waking up from a crazy night of partying in a colourful, surreal, fun setting, where food plays a very central and curious part of the video's narrative!

Where was the video for 'Ponytail filmed?
The video was shot in a big rented house in Clamart! The house was amazing.

 How does the video connect with the song? (If at all)
You have to picture this house is mine and there has been a huge party last night. I woke up in in a strange mood and a big headache! Everything is moving around me and strange psychedelics things happens all day long. In the lyrics I beg « No No No it’s happening oh no, help me I think I’m kinda stuck in a sick dream » I want to be sober again but the effects of the party won’t stop…

 Any behind the scenes stories?
Everything was funny about this video. We laugh a lot. The first day was exhausting and I had marks everywhere on my body!

Could you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Our main references were from the commercials from the 90. When I’m hungover like this I like to go back to my childhood and sleep all day in front of simple movies.

 What is the message the video is trying to convey?
There’s absolutely no messages. Maybe don’t do too much drugs kids.

Interview feature by Karla Harris