Riva Taylor - 'My Mouth'

London based artist Riva Taylor releases smouldering alt pop ballad, 'My Mouth'. 

For me, the most memorable songs are always understated in that they know how to be spectacular and stun, without losing sight of restrain and that's exactly what Riva Taylor and producer Jonathan Quarmby have done with 'My Mouth'. In terms of production, the track makes use of  slow-building emotive, cinematics and regimental rhythms with a heart-thudding intensity, seeing Quarmby set a backdrop that artfully ebbs and flows alongside Taylor's impressive vocal. 

Despite 'My Mouth's' overall sheer excellence, the track is fundamentally lyric-led and Taylor's atmospheric, striking vocal and moving storytelling is the focal point; her delivery dramatic yet natural, avoiding being unnecessarily over-embellished and artificial.  'My Mouth' in short, is authentic in its emotion and offers a sophisticated, accomplished, and brooding take on pop by a highly established artist, doing things her own way, in her own time. 

Words of Karla Harris