Artist of the Week #0050 - Gia Margaret


This week's Artist of the Week is Chicago's Gia Margaret, who's new single 'Smoke' has just been released. It provides us with a taster from her album 'There's Always a Glimmer' which is out the end of July. Gia Margaret took a moment to talk to us about the track and her plans for the future. 

What are the ideas and themes behind Smoke

Smoke is one of the older songs on the album.  It’s just something sparse I wrote to reflect on how beautiful the surrender of building a home with someone can be. It’s about sense memory and vulnerability. More specifically all the complicated feelings and memories that something as unremarkable as the scent of smoke can bring. Moving into an apartment with another for the first time and going from childhood home to “adulthood” was a transition. I wanted to capture how much I loved that apartment and the peaceful and still feeling that person and place enveloped me in. I hope the music speaks louder than my plain words. That was sort of my intent with this one.

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before?

I would describe it as sleep rock or bedroom pop. I've always had a really hard time defining myself musically, but when people ask, I like to tell them that it's music you can wind down to. I'm a pretty calm natured person (and shy) so I think my music is a reflection of that. 

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories?

This song specifically was recorded in two places. Doug Saltzman's studio apartment, and we tracked all the piano at Sound Hole Studio. (A dear friend's home studio in Evanston, IL)

Your album is out at the end of this month, are you excited? How does it feel to create something so personal to yourself and for it to be finally released into the world? 

I am very excited but it's also a little scary? I've never released a full body of work. 

What are the plans for the rest of the year?

I'm touring in the fall with Advance Base for a nice hearty two weeks. I'm really excited to spend more time with Owen because he makes some of my favorite music! I've been writing a lot lately. I finished this record this past February, so artistically speaking, it feels like time to write more music. LP #2 in 2019? I would love that! 

Feature by Ant Adams