The Artist Explains: Amy Guess - 'Wicked Memory'


Vegas based artist, Amy Guess, talks to us about her powerful video for her latest track 'Wicked Memory'. 

Where was the video filmed? 

The video was filmed in and around Vegas and out at Joshua tree. 

How does the video compliment the song? 

It takes you on a real visual journey of what it can feel like inside your mind after coming out of a relationship. In and out like waves, the video moves through their past and memories together in an intimate way, bringing us close enough to feel the head spinning ride of the breakup.  

Any behind the scenes stories? 

Yeah a little fun fact, Brandon, our male lead in the video actually didn't know what he was being shot for all throughout the filming. He's a good friend of Dusty's (the director) and to keep things really natural she met up with him and instead of telling him what she was filming for decided to get him drunk and casually capture the footage of him just doing his thing at his place here in Vegas. It wasn't until after she had shot everything that she told him what she was filming for. I love that, and definitely think it was a big part of what made everything feel so real and authentic. 

What is the message of the video trying to convey? Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?

The message of the video is to show the strength and resilience behind breaking out of a bad relationship, escaping the heaviness of memories, coming out on the other side, taking your power back. It's not an easy thing to stop and immediately drop everything and walk away from memories and history, it takes an immense amount of strength, stability, and self assurance.  We wanted the imagery to show that fire, confidence, and take no shit attitude as we followed our lead female weaving her way out, lighting it all ablaze.