Northlane - 'Vultures'


Australian Metal-Core band Northlane have released some new music. This is in the form of a stand-alone single called ‘Vultures’. The last release we got from the lads in Northlane was back in March of 2017 with album ‘Mesmer’. Vultures brings the recognisable sound of Northlane but with what seems like more aggression. 

Looking in to the meaning behind the song it is understandable why the song does indeed portray more aggression than other Northlane songs you may have listened to in the past. Vultures pokes the metaphorical stick at the expectancy of their audience who apparently want a certain sound from the band and vocalist Marcus Bridge who is the newest member joining back in 2014. You would think that people would leave artists to create their art without trying to be told how to write their songs, but well…Apparently not! The music video to Vultures is awesome as it takes a different approach to the expected performance style, with a 3d animation of a sculpture of a head that is bursting into many pieces which I imagine brings with it the symbolism of the meaning behind the song. Overall, it’s a great track with heavy vibes and meaningful content so if you are in to your heavy stuff you will most likely be in to this!

Northlane head out on a short UK tour on November 7th beginning in London, tickets are now on sale so I’d highly recommend that you check out these guys if you are not already familiar with their music.

Words by Pete Herbert