Artist Of The Week #0051 - Kate Teague

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This week's Artist of the Week is Kate Teague, who has just dropped her recent single 'Good To You', which is a gorgeous piece of dream pop, ideal for this warm weather we are having. Kate had a chat with us about the track and her plans for the rest of the year. 

'Good To You' is out now, can you tell where the track was recorded and what it is about? 

The track was recorded at Delta-Sonic Sound in Memphis, TN. I wrote the song during a time when I was feeling insecure about myself as a partner. I went to a wedding with my boyfriend and all I could think about were the ways other couples were interacting and how our relationship compared to theirs. I ended up picking a fight with him over something super trivial and was in total guilt mode the next day, which was when I wrote the song. 

You are originally from Alabama, but now live in Mississippi, what made you move there? 

I moved here to go to undergrad at the University of Mississippi. I stayed here after college because I started my first band at the end of my senior year and wasn't ready to leave. A year after that, I landed my first full time job and still work there today. I really enjoy being in Oxford, MS. I think it's a super unique place to live. In my opinion, It's a small town with big city resources. I don't have plans to leave any time soon.

Who would you consider your biggest musical inspiration when it comes to creating your music? And why? 

I don't think I have one major inspiration. Some times, I'm not writing music because I'm inspired, but because it's therapeutic. However, one of my inspirations comes from watching musicians perform live. I am a visual learner so when I see someone physically performing their music, it makes me want to leave that venue immediately and go home to write. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

I plan to finish writing and recording the album which is set to be released in Feb. 2019. We are also planning a tour with the lovely and amazing Julie Odell in October, which I'm super excited about. 

Feature by Ant Adams

'Good To You' is out now via Muscle Beach