Callum Pitt - 'Away From The Rousing Parades'

 Photography by Daniel Stark

 Photography by Daniel Stark

Callum Pitt  takes us  ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’ on his fifth, hugely charming, indie folk release - out now via Kaleidoscope.

'Away From The Rousing Parades' sees the first minute of the song ease its listener in softly, as gentle fingerpicking and warm sun kissed beams of Americana support Callum's soothing vocal, making sure that the poignant lyrical content leads the song. After the first minute, Callum teases the track to its crescendo with subtle foot stomping beats, quietly adding more layers into the track until it unleashes into an incredibly upbeat, high energy indie folk track, that ultimately makes you feel calm in your soul but commands your body to move. Callum's blissful vocal shows more edges and articulates a dirty, rousing, indie side which is a good indication of how versatile his range and enthusiasm is. 

Callum's method of storytelling is consistently vivid and imaginative. Callum adds rich colour and creativity to his lyrics, delivered with an intelligence and a fluency which catches me off guard with its poetic brilliance and sheer insight every time and as Callum explains:

“'Away From the Rousing Parades' is my most energetic and passionate single so far, it considers my own mortality, and the process of working out what I value most in life. I've spent lots of time in the past comparing myself to others and this song talks about letting go of the need to feel validated by anyone other than close friends, family and yourself, taking ownership of your self-worth, and being at peace. This is by far our favourite to play live because we can really let loose and give out instruments a good bash."

Truth be told, I'm somewhat of a fickle music blogger. With so many tracks sent in daily, it's very rare I  am able to support bands or artists through every release.  Not even just that. It's very rare I find a band or artist where I believe in every single they're putting out and want to support them through every release. My support for Callum has so far been unwavering and that's really special to me. This is an artist with boundless maturity and creativity who is effortlessly likeable.  Over the last two years Callum has established such a strong sound,  so humbly,  I sometimes wonder if he realises just how good he is.  This makes it incredibly easy to root for him. 

Words of Karla Harris

Callum Pitt is currently at work writing and recording a host of tracks at Blank Studios in Newcastle, with the aim of an EP release later in the year. ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’  is out now and available for digital download in all the usual places.