berhana - 'Wildin'


It’s always great to hear hip hop artists sing in their music because it showcases a range few seem to have in the business. Whilst Berhana has a pacifying voice worthy of listening to, the track is missing something. “Wildin’” feels more like an album track and not a single; it doesn’t grip you like it should and it’s a shame.

There’s a nice chilled beat with some smooth guitar picking on an electric, but it seems to progress a little too generically. It has some catchy vocals in the verses, but again the lyrics are typical of the genre (“Bitches in my bathroom/Hit the stage with my hand full of liqor”) and it doesn’t feel like there’s much of attempt been made to do something different.

“Wildin’” will still appeal those looking for a relaxing hip hop track, but it lacks originality and feels like something that should’ve been released a long time ago. There are other artists that excel in the very same field, and if Berhana can’t find some versatility in his offerings, he may find himself unable to keep up with the quality on offer from artists like Drake and Future. Still, it’s early days yet, and there’s potential to hear some better music that that of “Wildin’.”

Word by Chris White