M O S E S – ‘Cause You Got Me’

Photo - Mike Radulescu

Photo - Mike Radulescu

Anthemic rock comes courtesy of MOSES with the powerful and instantly contagious ‘Cause You Got Me’.

Produced by the legendary Gil Norton, MOSES have created something that is ready for arenas and large festival stages with their new track. ‘Cause You Got Me’ is powerful yet simple. The vocals are distinctive and melodic; the guitars crunchy and catchy; the drums pound like a boxer training on a punch bag. Everything you want and need from a great rock band. 

Cause You Get Me’ creates a vibe similar to other newer arena-ready bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen, Circa Waves and The Amazons. However, what sets MOSES apart from these is they have more of an edge. It’s raw and straight forward, and you can tell the band is here to make great rock n’ roll tunes without trying to appease Radio 1 or the NME. 

The fact that MOSES have played alongside Feeder and Frank Turner, received widespread radio play, and worked with Gil Norton on this track proves the band’s potential and that they can only get bigger.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst