Fredo, Young T & Bugsey - 'Ay Caramba'


Whilst this could be a simple cash-in, novelty idea, “Ay Caramba” is far from it. Lizzy is a clothing brand, often sported by the likes of Stormzy, and this track is the first release from them, featuring MC Fredo delivering effortless flow across its summertime beat. Nottingham-based duo Young T and Bugsey help deliver a catchy chorus with their own style too.

The well-oiled production of Wiley collaborator Toddla T makes Fredo’s verses pop with every verse, and the heat and sunshine of recent weeks can be heard on every bar. It’s a beat that leaves plenty of freedom for Fredo to drop some confident lyrics, and whilst it’s not revolutionary, nor does it linger long after you hear it, there’re still plenty of opportunities to dance along as it continuously hits the right notes with very satisfying beat.

Whether you see it as a smart marketing ploy or not, this is a good track you’ll be able to dance to, and the future of the clothing brand is only made better with songs like this. It’ll be exciting to see what comes next off the album, titled “Stay Flee Get Lizzy.

Words by Chris White