Band of the Week #0049 - Orchards

Photo Credit - Jessie Morgan

Photo Credit - Jessie Morgan

This week's Band of the Week is Brighton's Orchards, who have been causing an exciting storm with their unique alt-pop tunes, their EP 'Losers/Lovers EP' is out today via Big Scary Monsters. 

Vocalist Lucy Evers from the band took a few moments to talk to us about entertaining cats with laser pens and Orchards' plans to take over the world. 

What are some of the ideas and themes behind the EP?

The EP is called Losers/Lovers because it focuses on those topics. Love and Loss. Although these seem like quite strong subjects for a Pop/Indie EP we wanted it to have that juxtaposition. The songs are maybe some of our poppiest to date and we wrote them with a festival field in mind, but wanted to really make sure each songs intentions, lyrically, we're topics people could really relate to. Maybe, find some solace and comfort in too. 

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before?

We had a review from a gig two years ago in Oxford, that called us a 'Glitter Gateway Drug' and we have taken those three words and ran with them. I'd say, Alt Pop is the best way to describe our music but we just want people to have fun and enjoy themselves in a safe environment. 

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories? 

We recorded the whole EP with a good friend of ours, Tom LeBeau Morley, in a converted warehouse in London. It honestly is as crazy as it sounds. It's a warehouse, with weird paintings and artwork strewn across the walls. Dogs and Cats roaming around. Creativity honestly covers every corner of that place. It was an experience in itself but I think one thing that sticks out is, On the second or third day Sam dislocated his shoulder in his sleep, I just remember waking up hearing him in pain and watching him pop it back in. For the rest of our week in the studio he was all slinged up be he pushed on through!  Thoms cats Orru & Purru made our stay even better, they are two Abyssinian (oldest cat breed in the world apparently) needy brothers. Our nights consisted of entertaining them with a laser pen. We also managed to catch Tera Melos play too which was obviously sick!

You’re based in Brighton, what are the best things about the city? 

It’s an electric and vibrant city; one that lends itself to the growth and progression of creatives. Brighton is a bubble, once you're in it you just feel comfortable and safe. It's such an open minded city and you are never short of something to do. We love travelling to new places to meet new people and explore new cities, but it's always nice coming home. To the Brighton Beer Dispensary, Bond Street Coffee and the sea side <3. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Take over the world? No, seriously. We just want to play. Perform to as many crowds as we can and make loads of new friends. We’ve got some awesome sessions coming up too! Also might lock ourselves in a room and write some new music, who knows. 

Orchards' 'Losers/Lovers EP' is out today via Big Scary Monsters, the band will be playing Arctangent and Truck Festival this summer.