Introducing: Vonica

vonica pic 2.jpg

German born, Italian raised, London based producer Vonica shared the new video for his song 'Ai', taken from his debut EP 'Sol De Nit', which is due out August 17th via Lamela. He took a moment to have a talk with us about the visuals for the video and his plans for future. 

Where was the track recorded? Are there any behind the scenes stories? 

Everything was done with a laptop in my small room in Hackney. The first ideas all came together one night after I'd been to an Ai Wei Wei exhibition at the Royal Academy.

What is the meaning and inspiration behind the track? 

Joy of discovery. A mix of excitement, surprise and alarm triggered by the endless possibilities offered by electronic music

How would you describe your sound to someone who hadn't listen to you before? 

I've heard someone define it as "languid trance or cinematic techno track". I found that very blurry and confusing, and therefore loved it

Your video is very visual, do you feel it reflects your sound as an artist? 

Yes I do. As soon as I saw the first snippets I was stunned as to how well the visuals were capturing the essence of the music.

Your video was created by Dan Tombs, what made you pick him to make it? 

I love the work he's done for Jon Hopkins, Gold Panda, East India Youth, Luke Abbott. His way of manipulating and reshaping visuals through distortion and glitches defines him as a rare visionary talent.

What are you plans for the next few months? Which bit are you looking forward to the most? 

There's an EP release coming up in August so we're currently putting together a lineup for the EP release party with bands we love at Redon in Bethnal Green. I can't wait for that day to come and share that joy with a few friends. First show is here next week.