ABISHA - 'Nothing Matters'


There’s nothing better than when a track surprises you, especially when it comes out of nowhere. If you’re familiar with ABISHA, you’ll be blown away by this very different offering. “Nothing Matters” has a melodic synth thundering down on the track, incorporating a sci-fi feel to it. ABISHA’s vocals are stunning, and the alt-R&B singer has a wide range of notes in her arsenal. The way the song builds up is handled well, allowing the synths to grow as the first verse drops, but when the chorus comes in, the stabbing synths bring the whole track to life.

It’s not a serious song by any means, but it still shows a maturity and vulnerability to ABISHA, allowing her to explore new ways to tell stories of breakups and trying to fix the pieces after a failed relationship. Every line shows a new side to her ability to write smart lyrics, with the entirety of “Nothing Matters” showing off not just ABISHA’s ability to sing, but to pen heartfelt and playful lyrics at the same time.

This song has the potential to be big, and it offers a different slice of R&B, never resting on its laurels, encapsulating energy, passion, and love. ABISHA is a great talent and “Nothing Matters” is a track you should all listen to.

Words by Chris White