Band of the Week #0053 - DIZZY


This week's Band of the Week is the Canadian lovelies Dizzy, who have today released their debut album 'Baby Teeth' via Communion/Royal Mountain Records. The band have been teasing us over the past few months, with singles like 'Backstroke', to give us a peak of what the album had in store for us. 'Baby Teeth' is an amazing piece of indie-pop, that at one moment makes you want to dance around the room, while also making you want to cry at how beautiful it is. 

We had a chat with vocalist Katie Munshaw about the album, how it came about and Dizzy's plans for the coming months now 'Baby Teeth' is out. 

What are the ideas and themes behind the album?

Most of the songs were written a couple years after graduating high school so it's an album based on a transitional time in my life. Transition of age and relationships. There's an absolute coming of age tone set throughout the record.

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before?

Most of our songs are story songs or have a general thesis behind them. Familiar melodies collaged with guitars and synths. I've heard our sound being described as woozy pop. I like that!

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories we should know? 

We recorded Baby Teeth in a studio in Montreal tucked in the back of a warehouse. It felt like a sort of secret hideout. The album was mainly fuelled by diner food and tea. I wrote a lot of the lyrics on walks or in parks around Montreal.  Mack played a lot of Pokemon Go in between takes. 

Your album was produced by Damian Taylor, what made you pick him as a producer? 

We met Damian in a café in Toronto one afternoon after our manager had sent him our demos on a whim. We just sort of instantly clicked. I don't think we had a specific reason why. It just felt like he was always supposed to help us finish this record. I remember walking out of that meeting being like, "When do we start?"

You played your first UK shows this year, do you find the crowds are different in the UK compared to the canadian ones? 

So far I'd say the crowds in the UK are more reserved. Maybe it's just a respect thing. It's a very similar vibe to a New York City crowd. Whatever it is it's a bit intimidating. But they let you know if they like you at the end of a song. It's just a different feeling.

What are Dizzy’s plans for the rest of the year? 

Baby Teeth is out on August 17th so we are psyched about that! We'll be doing some touring across Europe and North America. Writing always.

Feature created by Ant Adams 

Catch Dizzy at the following live dates - 

18th September – Omeara, London

19th September – Supersonic, Paris

21st September – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg

22nd September – Musik & Frieden, Berlin